Program in summer semester

Our events for the new semester. We’d like to invite you to the SMD on:

  • May, 7th
  • May, 14th
  • May, 28th
  • June, 4th

These events start at 7pm and that are prayer nights, with singing and talking. This semester we especially pray for the Uni, for students and staff, and also for personal subjects.

If you have questions or doubts or being sceptical, just come along and let’s share these thoughts.

SMD prayer night together with OpenDoors

Evaluating new assessments more than 200 million christians are suffering from religious persecution.

But what is important for US as christians in Germany and often facing no or only minor persecution? Hartmut Nitsch, who works with OpenDoors, visits us and will present us this topic. Moreover we’d like to pray for christians living under persecution. You can find more details on Facebook.

When: Monday, 12.06.2017 at 7 pm

Where: FeG Weidenau, Wilhelm-von-Humbolt-Platz 4, 57076 Siegen

end of semester- service

presentations, exams, lectures &&& This stressful time needs to get to an end. That´s enough! We want to take time out with you and enjoy some time of silence. In this service we want to be near to our god, worship him with music and prayers and come to rest. We want to experience that our god is sacrificing, loving and giving. With him we´ve got the opportunity to say: That´s enough for me.

time: Thursday, 9th of february, 16.30 o´clock

place: SMD Siegen, Wilhelm-von-Humboldt-Platz 4, 57076 Siegen


crime dinner

The 20s, Berlin, student district. Lots of different subjects are studied here: physics, theology, music.. Only the best and most talented students come together in the minerva-circle around prof. Wilhelm von Laue. But one of them dies. It was murder. Nobody knows the reason why. Who could be the perpetrator? Who´s got a motive? What´s the reason? If you want to help to clarify this criminal case and have a good dinner, you´re welcome to our crime dinner! 🙂

time: monday, 23rd of january, 19 o´clock

place: SMD Siegen, Wilhelm-von-Humboldt-Platz 4, 57076 Siegen

worship evening

We hope you all had a good start into 2017! Relevant to the new year, we want to meet for a worship evening to thank our heavenly father for the last year and place the new one in his hands. Our god is always on our side and cares for us in every condition of life!

“Put all your hope in God, not looking to your reason for support. In all your ways give ear to him, and he will make straight your footsteps.” Proverbs 3, 5-6

time: monday, 9th of january 2017, 19 o´ clock

place: SMD Siegen, Wilhelm-von-Humboldt-Platz 4, 57076 Siegen



Together we want to celebrate the time of advent at university. It´s the most wonderful time of the year and we want to get into the right mood for the wonderful pre-christmas season with you. We want to sing some christmas/advent songs, eat cookies and drink some mulled wine. Also there will be a musically program by Windwood&Co. We´re looking forward to have a cozy pre- christmas evening with you! 🙂


time: Tuesday, 13rd of december, 18 o´ clock

place: university meadow ahead the bistro, campus Adolf-Reichwein